He is Your Shield

He is Your Shield

Instead of trying your way… I hope find like I have… Getting behind GOD’S protection & shield is perfection!

“God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.”
Psalm 18:30

Prayer for Schools

Almighty God, it says in Psalm 91:11 that you will command your angels to guard us in all our ways. Because of that promise we ask you to shield our students from anyone who may want to cause violence against them. Set your angels at each school entrance to protect our kids from evil. Commission angels to patrol classrooms and hallways, dispelling fear and vain imagination, and causing godly decisions. Pour out your peace we ask in Jesus name, Amen.

Identity Theft Protection, Clean Out Your Wallet

The Good Friends Question of the Day: Do you worry about identity theft? Have any precautions you take or lessons learned?
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Protect Your Family -Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet : Is your wallet so full you can’t zip or button it? Men is your wallet so full you can’t hardly fold it in half? It’s time to but your pocket book on a diet of sorts. More than eight million Americans were the victims of identity Continue reading

God’s 3 stages, Hardest Years of your Life, Avoid vacation weight gain, Pray for…,

Power Thoughts:

  1. “Turn to God’s light and the shadows will always be behind you.”
  2. “There are 3 stages in the work of God: impossible, difficult, done.” -Hudson Taylor
  3. “Jesus turned water into wine and He can turn your tears into showers of blessing.”

Good Friends Question of the Day?They say the years from 20-30 are the hardest years of your life – Do you agree? Disagree?  Why? Share your thoughts… inquiring minds want to know                                                                          Please like, share or comment – 1-800-944-8443

6 easy ways to avoid weight gain on vacation : Vacations can be wonderful, but not the extra weight that you sometimes bring home with you. Aim for maintenance by following these simple tips.

  1. Get moving. Walk the golf course, play basketball, swim, kayak, rent bikes, or play tennis. If your vacation does not have exercise built into it, look into hotels that offer gyms.
  2. Do the balancing act. You may want to indulge on local specialty items for one meal but then be sure you make conservative choices the rest of the day. Try not to waste calories on something you can easily get at home.
  3. Watch portions. Think about sharing an entree, or having a salad and an appetizer for dinner. Don’t skip any meals to save calories. You will wind up too hungry and, most likely, will overeat.
  4. Plan ahead. Keep some nutritious snacks on hand. Like nuts, yogurt, cheese and fruit – you save money and make healthier choices.  If staying with relatives or friends borrow theier fridge for storage, most hotels have a mini-fridge now and they also store easily in the car with an ice chest.
  5. Drink – with caution if at all. Alcohol calories add up FAST, and you may tend to drink things tha end with an -ita or -coloda  BUT they often contain as many as 600 calories per drink. It also weakens your resolve to eat less.
  6. Treat yourself – without food. Get a massage, a new book, a long bath, or just sleep late. If you feel satisfied and pampered in other ways, you’re less likely to use food as an indulgence.

Pray for Our Police Officers: This week we are praying for our Police Officers through National Police Week.

During National Police Week, KSWP and KAVX ask you to focus your prayers on the men and women who commit their lives to protecting our communities. Join us to honor, remember and pray for those serving in your local police department! We are encouraging you to wear a blue wristband or ribbon this week in support and remembrance. Do one more thing go to this link and submit the name of someone who “Serves and Protects” our lives.