Sleep with Socks On, Start Tonight, Why?

When your feet get cold, one of the best solutions, according to experts, wear a pair of socks to bed. However, the “small” debate renders a simple statement, it’s a good idea. People have debated this subject for years. Reader’s Digest has decided to weigh in and see if they could find the answer.

If you like sleeping with your feet warm at night has been proven to actually makes a difference in your sleeping patterns. According to, “Heating cold feet causes a dilation of the blood vessels, which may tell the brain that it is bedtime.  Wearing socks to bed isn’t the only secret to a sweet slumber.

The other side of this issue doesn’t exist, as least this reporter couldn’t find any. I then thought, hmmm, maybe it’s because most people don’t wear socks to bed. Or if the picture above is the only choice, I’ll pass. So they figure, why argue, besides I’m tired. Good Night!

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runthedayoritrunsyouPower Thoughts:
In the end, you only regret the chances you didn’t take!


God is so Good: – When I sing (or listen to) God’s word or listen to His music on your station, I am so much more free in my spirit. His word is alive, powerful and is willing. I will Bless you! I thank all who volunteer or otherwise minister at KSWP or KAVX. God Bless all from an 8 decade (80 years) old child of God! 😉

justbeMemorable Story:
“Just Be.”
When I was 12, I wanted to be 16. When I was 16, I wanted to be 18 so badly, I could barely sit still. When I turned 18, 21 seemed the perfect age. As a child I questioned, over analyzed, speculated and assumed that when I got “older” I’d figure it all out and know who I was and what I wanted to be. I’d finally become like those annoying kids in my 5th grade class who confidently shouted, “I want to be a teacher!” “I want to be a lawyer!” I wanted to smack them. I never knew. I’m 57 and I’m still not sure. But I’m not expecting that the light will come on when I reach 60. Who was it that said life is a journey, not a destination? Corny. But true. I no longer have a pressing need to be “something”. I can just BE. (Reader’s Digest by Glenore Weal)

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