Hope, Vision and Faith

Hope is closely allied with faith and vision. In Hebrews, the writer  tells us, faith is “the assurance of things hoped for” (Hebrews 11:1). Hope is the object upon which we direct our focus and energies.

As a Christian, hope is the knowledge, we are being changed for the better as we trust in God’s promises (Romans 8:28). You believe, no matter the circumstances, God’s plans for your life is “for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11b NLT).

Abraham also modeled hope. When he was 75, God promised him, a  blessing to give him many descendants, as numerous as the stars in the sky. Abraham heard these words and believed God (Genesis 15:6).

But despite his belief, Hebrews 6:15 explains, Abraham had to wait 25 years to see the fulfillment of his hope. Yet all the while, Abraham trusted in God. Abraham looked to God as “the Author of his hope” and he saw the promise come to pass.

God With You

romans8_28Thought For The Day: God is with you every step of the way and making all things work for your good.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. ~ Romans 8:28

Do you ever feel misunderstood or forsaken by those you love? Do you ever feel that you have hit rock bottom and you wonder if you can ever rise again?

Joseph, who was sold by his brothers into slavery went through all kinds of experiences. Still, he was aware that God was with him every step of the way. Though the things that were happening to him were not good, he believed that God was making all things work together for his good. And Joseph eventually rose to occupy the most powerful position in Egypt, second only to Pharaoh.

Probably, this consciousness that God was in it with him was the reason he forgave his brothers when he met them again later in his life. So like Joseph, whatever you are facing now, be conscious that God is in it with you. You may find yourself with nothing or not much but you have everything when you have Jesus!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” ~ (Hebrews 13:8)

Prayer in School – Day 14


Father, we claim your destiny for every person in this school. Give them wisdom for education and career choices that are in line with your perfect will. Thank you that you have called each of them for a purpose in your kingdom. As the first bell rings we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the words of Romans 8 are true: That if you are for them, who can be against them. It is in your holy name, Jesus, that we pray. Amen!