Prayer for Forth Worth Church

Does your church have a plan for security?  This recent attack is prove again that a plan in place can save lives.

Having a plan is the first great step!

Two people dead, one wounded in shooting at Church of Christ in Texas
Gunfire occurred during the Lord’s Supper at the West Freeway congregation in White Settlement, near Fort Worth.

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Cop Finds Baby in Hot Car, Shatters Window.

Cop Finds Baby in Hot Car, Shatters Window.

By Carolyn Marie of Lifeable

Policeman Pulls Baby to Safety, Learns He’s Made Horrible Mistake.

Lt. Jason Short responded to a 911 call about a baby left alone in a car on a hot day. He rushed over to the Keene, New Hampshire, shopping plaza parking lot to check out the situation.

There was a blanket draped over a car seat. Little feet were sticking out from under the blanket.

It was a 90 degree day, so his next course of action seemed obvious. He needed to break a window and rescue the baby. The baby’s skin was blotchy and pale.

Short hit his baton against the window and pulled the baby out of the car seat. He called an ambulance, terrified that the baby was already dead.

The baby’s skin was blotchy and pale. The scene was starting to draw a crowd of concerned onlookers. Short began CPR rescue breaths. Something did not feel right, though.

He pushed his finger to the baby’s mouth and realized the baby was definitely not alive. The baby was an incredibly realistic looking: doll.

Carolynne Seiffert was the owner of the car and the doll. She was getting her hair cut at Super Cuts while her new car’s window was smashed to rescue her doll.

Short told News Reporters, “I would never assume that it’s a doll. I would always assume that it’s a child. I would never do anything different.”

Seiffert purchased this “reborn” doll for $2,300. The doll weighs 10 pounds, 7 ounces and wears real baby clothes.

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Til Calamaties are Over

Til Calamaties are Over

You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word.
Psalm 119:114

I hope in Your word. I trust everything You say. You are my secret place against danger. Lord God, You are my hope, my word, my final Word. The perfections of God has perfected areas, chambers of retreat and safety. I may hide there and be safe, till calamities are over. (Ref. – Isaiah 26:20)

Motherhood and Your Baby

babymonitorstory(This is not an endorsement – Interesting story and information – Please check it out for yourself.)

Courtney Luper writes, Its been 20 years since I have been the mother of a newborn, but the memory of the constant fear of something horrible happening to my precious baby as he slept, I have not forgotten. Who else can relate? I remember having such feelings of fear that he may just stop breathing as he slept, constantly placing my hand on his little back or my finger under his nose to feel his breath.

WOW! Technology come a long way! I just ordered two of these Owlet baby monitors for my sister’s twins that are due to arrive in a few short months. This little device is a must have for any new mother, and something I only could have dreamed of existing 2 decades ago!

The Owlet Baby Monitor is a small and simple sock that fits on your baby’s foot that detects your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If your baby stops breathing it immediately sounds the alarm. It’s been amazing to hear stories of how this little monitor has potentially saved baby’s lives AND given parents so much more sleep. It’s simple but so amazing.

Owlet is offering me special pricing that I can pass along to my Friend’s on Facebook. Click on the link at the bottom to check it out and get $20 off of the monitor. Please share this with your friends that this could help. Sleep is so important!

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