Dreams, Continue Red Ribbon Week Message, Scrapbooking Storage Tips, Family Friendly Movies

Power Thoughts

  1. “Forgive early and often, and you will lighten your load.” — Unknown
  2. “Time spent on your knees in prayer does more to remedy heartache and worry than anything else.” — Unknown
  3. “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson after-wards.” — Unknown

Dreams: Is there a dream in your heart that you just can’t shake? Can you see yourself doing something and you can’t get it out of your mind? When I talk about dreams, the dreams I’m referring to are those hopes, longings and aspirations in your heart.

Whatever your dream is, if God gave it to you, He will make a way for it to become a reality. The Word of God says that whatever you imagine to do will not be restrained from you (Genesis 11:6). First, get before the Lord and ask Him to direct your steps. Acknowledge Him as the giver of the dream; then and ask Him to give you wisdom regarding your dream and how to accomplish it. God is faithful!

The Holy Spirit is your Helper; however, you are the initiator. When you take a step, God will meet you at your point of action. Each step you take will bring you closer to the end of your faith. Remain faithful to Him and do your part; He will bring your dream to pass.

Last Week was Red Ribbon Week: Vigilant parents offer the most effective anti-drug message and techniques (LufkinDaily)

Don’t let the messages of last week end… Keep re-enforcing the Drug free message every chance you get. The best tool for keeping kids clean is right in their own homes. Through conversations and monitoring behavior and activities, parents have shown to have the greatest success rate in protecting kids from drugs and other risky behavior.

The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign’s Behavior Change Expert Panel offers these tips:

■ Be absolutely clear with your kids that you don’t want them using drugs. Ever. Anywhere. Don’t leave room for interpretation. And talk often about the dangers and results of drug and alcohol abuse.
■ Be a better listener. Ask questions — and encourage them. Paraphrase what your teen says to you. Ask for their input about family decisions.
■ Give honest answers. Don’t make up what you don’t know; offer to find out. If asked whether you’ve ever taken drugs, let them know what’s important: That you don’t want them using drugs.
■ Use TV reports, anti-drug commercials, or school discussions about drugs to help you introduce the subject in a natural, unforced way.
■ Don’t react in a way that will cut off further discussion. If your teen makes statements that challenge or shock you, turn them into a calm discussion of why your teen thinks people use drugs, or whether the effect is worth the risk.
■ Role-play with your teen and practice ways to refuse drugs in different situations. Acknowledge how tough these moments can be.

Streamline Your Systems: Scrap-booking Organization & Storage Tips (scrapbooklifetips.com)

Hang up Your Scrapbook Tools…

  1. Be creative way to store your scrapbook tools such as scissors, punches, a corner rounder, etc. is to use a hanging shoe organizer that will hang in the closet or behind the door. Since the plastic pockets are deep and clear they are easily seen. This type of organizer can also be used for stickers and adhesives, as well. Shoe organizers are available at your local department store or hardware store.
  2. Another suggestion besides the typical plastic drawers for scrapbook tool organization is a kitchen tool caddy that rotates. You can stick the tools in the rotating caddy and have it on a shelf nearby. When you are scrapping, you can set it on the desk for easy access to all of your essential tools. The kitchen caddy can be purchased at any kitchen supply store or department store.

Organizing and Storing Your Photos…

  1. You can quickly organize photos into plastic sleeves until you are ready to attach them to your layouts. This way you can sort through your photos and determine which picture you want to use on your layouts. Another suggestion is to put pictures into Ziploc bags and label them with information about the event and what layout they will be attached to. Keep the bags together with your layouts so as soon you finish your pages, you can adhere the pictures.
  2. Photographs can be stored in their original photo sleeves and put into boxes or you can purchase special “photo file” boxes that are made to hold photographs. When searching for something to store your photos in, you should make sure to get something that is photo-safe and acid-free.

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Good Friends Watercooler Stuff

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