Sports Activity Gone Wrong

Olympic athletes make it look so easy.

What sport or activity did you think looked easy, but ended up going horribly wrong?
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Accidents, Do they just happen?

How likely to be in a serious accident?
Q: According to research at the Harvard School of Public Health, Americans believe there’s a 50% chance they’ll be involved in a serious accident. In reality, do they have: (a) a 5% chance; (b) a 10% chance; or (c) a 15% chance?
A: A 5% chance (Utne Reader).

Q: If you have an auto accident, your chance of being hurt is one in ten. What are your chances of being hurt in a motorcycle accident? (a) seven in ten; (b) eight in ten; or (c) nine in ten?
A: Nine in ten.

Thoughts from Kids on the accidental aspect of us being here accidentally…

  • “If life were an accident, why would we be here on the Earth?” asks Jenna, age 6.
  • Kill desire, and we languish in apathy and indifference. People who express feelings of hopelessness are sent to counselors. Isn’t this the height of irony to those who think life is an accident? If we’re just accidents spinning through the universe, why should we have purpose?
  • Those who don’t listen to their hearts live contradictory lives. No one gets out of bed in the morning without some purpose for living. If I’m just a blob of cells that came together by accident, why not stay in bed and become a bigger blob?
  • “I would tell people to look at all the beautiful things around you: the birds, the trees, the sky, flowers and your family. How could such beautiful things be caused by an accident?” asks Anna, age 9.
  • Design demands an intelligent designer. If you found a functioning mechanical hand, would you think that it had come about by accident or design? Why should you think any different when you look at flesh-and-blood hands? They’re far more complex.
  • Caroline, 9, says: “The world is too good for it to have happened by accident. God had a plan and created a world for us. I hope that one day those people who think the world just happened will come to know how it really happened.”