Reasons to Eat Protien For Breakfast


Reason you should have protein for breakfast

If you feel hungry all the time, your morning meal (or lack thereof) could be to blame: Eating a protein-rich breakfast may help control appetite and curb the urge to snack in the evening, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The research, conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia, included 20 overweight or obese females aged 18 to 20 who normally skipped breakfast. Participants rotated through three different groups: a group that ate a 350-calorie cereal breakfast that contained 13 grams of protein, a group that ate a 350-calorie breakfast made of eggs and lean beef that contained 35 grams of protein, and a group that skipped breakfast. After six days of following an assigned eating pattern, the women went through a day of testing, during which they provided blood samples, answered questionnaires about their hunger/satiety level, underwent brain scans, and were offered a variety of post-dinner snacks. Researchers gave participants a week off between each phase of the experiment.

After having a protein-packed breakfast, participants reported feeling less hungry and ate fewer indulgent snacks after dinner. What’s more, the brains of people who had eaten a protein-rich meal in the a.m. showed less activity in response to images of food later in the day. “Eating a high-protein breakfast stimulates the secretion of a very potent satiety signal (the gut hormone Peptide YY), leading to increased fullness,” says Heather Leidy, PhD, lead author of the study. “These responses appear to last throughout the morning hours and into the afternoon/evening.”

Even if you’re not big on meat, you can still reap the hunger-busting benefits of eating a high-protein breakfast, Leidy says. Just try to incorporate plain Greek yogurt, nuts, cottage cheese, or soy-based meat substitutes into your a.m. meal.

What Is The Most Popular Snack in America

fruit bowlFresh fruit is most popular snack in U.S. Ranks higher than chocolate, potato chips
When it comes to snacks, most people would likely think of potato chips or candy bars before anything else. However, it turns out Americans are pretty healthy snackers.
According to market research firm NPD, fresh fruit is the most popular snack in the country, and the popularity of fruit is continuing to grow.
In NPD’s “Snacking in America” report, Americans on average snacked on fresh fruit 10 times more than reached for chocolate, and 25 times more than they snacked on potato chips over the course of a year.
So why is fresh fruit so popular?

  1. Fresh fruit is popular among snackers in many age groups. It’s a favorite of children and of senior citizens. Although interest in apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries and other types of fruit wanes during the teen years, the older people get, the more fruit they eat.
  2. Fresh fruit can be eaten at all times of the day. It works as a morning snack, afternoon pick-me-up and even as dessert.
  3. Americans are caring more about their health, so fresh fruit holds more appeal.
  4. People who eat healthy snacks tend to snack more often, so they have more chances to eat fresh fruit. (Yogurt and snack bars are also popular in this group, but fresh fruit is tops.)

8 Snacks to Stash in Your Desk

What Snacks do you stash in your desk?work snack

Everyone is guilty of snacking at work, but you don’t have to go overboard. In the book “List Maker’s Guide to Get Healthy,” Marissa Lippert, registered dietician, offers the healthiest snacks to keep in your desk

  1. Dry Cereal
  2. Tea… Tea instead of coffee can give your afternoon a boost
  3. Dark Chocolate
  4. Low Calorie Energy Bar
  5. Popcorn instead of chips
  6. Nuts
  7. Apples
  8. Peanut Butter & crackers

Healthy versus unhealthy? – Favorite afternoon snack, Good versus bad snack ideas

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Most Unhealthy Snacks for Kids
Milk and cookies
Potato Chips
Pastries, muffins and donuts
Ice cream
Sandwich Crackers

Better Snacks
Peanut Butter
Trail Mix

Super Bowl’s most popular snack, What goes down on Super Bowl Sunday

The Good Friends Question of the Day: The number one snack for this Sunday’s Big Game is…. CHIPS!!
What is your favorite Super Bowl Snack?
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What goes down on Super Bowl Sunday (free press)

  1. 11.2 million pounds of potato chips
  2. 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips
  3. 4.3 million pounds of pretzels
  4. 3.8 million pounds of popcorn
  5. 2.5 million pounds of nuts

Weekend Box Office…Big Miracle… 3 stars
The Woman in Black & Chronicle… not recommended
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