02172016 Touch the Sky, Hillsong United, Live Inspired, Sticky Note Found

In the lyrics to ‘Touch the Sky’ Hillsong United paints a picture of …dazzling heights too vast to climb… so high to fall… where heaven’s love sweeps low… Your heart beating… Your soul breathing… You found your life when laid down… Your Upward falling… your Spirit soaring… you touch the sky… When your knees hit the ground! Life is like the lyrics painted in this song. When we hold on to small things, we have a small impact; but if we let go, God can give us something much larger. Do you need to bend low to find yourself lifted up! What treasure waits within Your scars? The gift of freedom gold can’t buy… You bought the world and sold your heart… You find the Most High God at your feet again… You surrender your love to Him and your soul will dance high on the Wings of Forever!

LiveInspiredFailureNotOppositeItsPartofSuccessPower Thought: “Live Inspired! Failure is not the Opposite of Success, It’s a Part of Success!”

God_answers_prayerPrayerWorks: Sticky Note Found! I work at a doctors office and we received a KSWP sticky note in a home health order folder. It was very sweet and reminded us of Gods love.

The Compassion Experience: Feb. 19 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. More than 700 million people in developing countries live on less than $1.90 per day, facing challenges most Americans never will.
Compassion International and First Baptist Rusk, Tx. will bring visitors on a journey into the lives of two sponsored
children living in Guatemala and Uganda.
This is a self guided tour, with the use of an iPod, a headset and 1,700 square feet of interactive space, visitors will see the children’s homes, walk through school and markets, and hear life-changing stories of hope – all from the perspective of a child whose life began in poverty.
This FREE event is appropriate for all ages and is an excellent opportunity fro anyone who has never had the chance to travel outside the U.S. to get a small glimpse of what life can be like in developing countries. (With Out Leaving East Texas.)
Groups of 20 or more should email www.changetour@compassion.com to reserve their space.
For more information visit www.compassionexperience.com
First Baptist Church 372 E. 4th St., Rusk 75785