Life is too Short to…

Life is too Short to Start Your Day with the Broken Pieces of Yesterday. ~ tobymac #SPEAKLIFE

One thing many of us have discovered about this quote… it not all of it!
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A Brand New Start

A Brand New Start

Although No One can go back and Make a Brand New Start, Anyone can start from now and Make a Brand New Ending.

It’s a new day. Be sure you’re prepared for anything coming your way. Take 4 seconds and pause to understand what is happening to you right now in this moment.

Give yourself the four (4) seconds, observe and discover your options. You’ll be surprised at what brilliance will spring out of your brain matter.

Start by Doing what’s Necessary

Start by Doing what’s Necessary, Then Do what’s Possible,
and Suddenly, You’re Doing the Impossible!

~ Francis Assisi

What does that mean?
We believe, it’s about not sitting still. Start moving, even if it’s slow going at first. If you start somewhere even, if it’s small for a while. Do what is Nessessary first. At some point you’ll pick up your pace, then again and again. You find your momentum will build and build.

Objects at rest remain at rest. Objects in motion remain in motion. An outside force applied often and with you steady building momentum, your pace pick up speed until reach your goal. Do that which needs to be done. Then, you find an open field of possibility. When doing the possible becomes common place in your life, what was once Impossible is now Possible.

Start with Music

Encouraging Words:  ” Today is the day to go that second mile.”

RogerStaunach quote extra mile

🎼🎶🎼 Start your day in music! 🎼🎶🎼



“Like a bird awakening others with a song until all others around are singing a happy chorus.. Sing, Sing, Sing!”

03092016 Good Friends Morning Conversation


Power Thoughts

  • “Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.”


prayerworks2Safe Travel: Please pray for our son and his friends as they travel to Galveston. It’s rainy and the roads are bad I know. Also for wise choices to be made while there.

Thank you:Thanks for all you do!! I am thankful for your service!

Forgiveness: You have probably heard the saying “forgive and forget.”

Forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it is something that you do by faith.  Communicating your thoughts and feelings in a positive way can provide a means for understanding, healing and forgiveness.
“When you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” ~ Mark 11:25

Wanna hear something that is funny? Not! Clean Fuel Actually May Be Worse For Climate: A study done by the University of British Columbia showed that compressed natural gas could actually send out more emissions than regular gas. (Science Daily)

Facebook Question: What do you do when you are at home sick?
15 Things to do When You’re Sick at Home With A Sinus Infection or whatever…

  1. drink something
  2. see how long you can hold your breath
  3. see if you can beat that record of holding your breath
  4. read
  5. send thousands of texts to your friends
  6. blame everything you do on your medicine and claim you have no memory of whatever you did whatsoever.
  7. draw (well, that wasn’t a good idea)
  8. become a caveman/cavewoman
  9. play chess with yourself or on your ipad
  10. fall asleep while playing a game of chess
  11. watch every episode of the law and order again
  12. type with your eyes closed
  13. go around the house acting clumsy and stupid and then lay down on the ground
  14. stand up and claim you were sleepwalking
  15. call a lab and ask for your rat back