The Good Friends Blog wants you to seriously consider this warning from HomeS A lot of organizations, including Practical Home Schooling, has convinced me NOT to look at the August 21 eclipse with the handy “solar filter” glasses someone gave me, or to let any kids around me do so.

From Michael Schecter, As an Optometrist , I want to express concern that I have about the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even with the use of solar filter glasses. Everyone should keep in mind if they or their children are considering this.

We have to keep in mind that some people will encounter the inability to control every aspect of this exercise. For instance, true solar eclipse glasses are made for adults, do not fit children well and should not be used without… click here for more of this Optometrist’s opinion.

Please, please be safe. Watch it on television.

Please read the rest of this article for how to stay safe, click here to get a doctors opinion.