Strange Decisions when Stressed

People make strange decisions when they are stressed.

What is the “Strangest Decision” you have ever made when you were stressed?

Here’s a few of those decisions, They really happened the weekend of the Hurricane:

  • One man was tying himself to a telephone pole to weather the storm.
  • Another was kite surfing in the huge waves.
  • Another man, donned what appears to be a snorkeling mask, said that “he’s going ride out Hurricane Irma in a store front on Duval Street and won’t evacuate.

Grocery Store Meltdowns

Your Most Embarrassing Grocery Store Meltdown

My brother, his wife and two girls went to the grocery store and his youngest threw herself on the floor in a fit because she couldn’t open the cereal box right there and eat it. My sister-in-law kept walking but soon noticed that my brother was not there beside her anymore. She turned around and found him lying on the floor next to their daughter, kicking and crying mimicking her fit. Another reason to leave them (the kids) at home while shopping – experts estimate that for every extra minute you spend in a store, you spend about $2 more on unplanned purchases.”

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Thanksgiving Q & A

Thanksgiving Questions that Beg an Answer:

* Give tips that would prevent last minute trips to the store?

* How many thanksgivings do you attend 2 or more?

* Do you play games? Watch football?

* What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

End Frazzled Parenting

Question or the Day: Fill in the blank. I love or hate Christmas shopping because ______________…

How to handle your kids in the store… The only people who find temper tantrums amusing are a child’s grandparents.
Tantrums become more infrequent around age four, but some children continue to “throw fits” for years after that—even into adulthood. Yikes! Don’t worry, though. While tantrums are unavoidable to some extent, you can prevent many of them and help your child learn better coping mechanisms by following some simple steps.

  • Stem your own rising frustration level. Tantrums can raise blood pressure and stress levels.
  • Remain calm enough to handle the tantrum properly.  Take a few deep breaths and wait at least a few seconds before deciding on a response.
  • Your child’s behavior may NOT be to “get his way”, but could be frustration, lack of needed attention from you, or even simply sleepy. It could be NAP TIME.

You’ve seen them: Frazzled parents gritting their teeth and attempting to control a rambunctious bunch of kids at the store. For the uninitiated The good news is that by using creativity and forethought, parents can improve the shopping experience for everyone and turn a necessary chore into something tolerable (possibly even enjoyable!) for families.

  1. Set the tone for your trip. Discuss what type of behavior you expect from your children before shopping, and praise them when they demonstrate good behavior.
  2. Don’t shop when you or the kids are hungry and/or tired.
  3. Shopping lists and time are of the essence!
  4. Toting a snack and drink will stave off whining from hungry and thirsty children.
  5. Hauling kids in and out of the car, especially in bad weather, can be tiring for even the most patient parents.