Hope Changes Everything

Hope Changes Everything

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We’ve heard many things you’ve done to reach to our Texas friends. Whether help came from far away or close to home, you have “Served Others by being Real” in the midst of a horrific storm. The Hope you poured out Changes Everything!

The Ministry continues to hear from people driving from far away states, Nevada, Ohio, (the list is long), to as close as the next town over … Many of you sharing stories of how you saw Christ in so many people who were helping.

As assistance continues & remains a need, remember each day before it ends to thank God for moving on so many hearts offering help to others! You’re love “Connects people to a Real and Loving God.” God moved on your heart to “Share the Hope of Jesus and Know it Changes Lives!”

Those Kids Said WHAT?!

From Readers Digest: “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

A lot of teachers can relate to Kurt Vonnegut’s quote. From kindergarten 
to senior year, they’ve seen it all. So we recently asked members of this 
heroic profession to share their stories about the hilarious, sweet, droll, 
and occasionally clueless things their students do or say. Thousands wrote 
in, positive that their tale was worthy of the $1,000 grand prize. One was right. Here are the finalists, starting off with the A+ winning anecdote:

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01192016 Conversations


PrayerWorks Story:

Story – Sale of Home:   “In a moment of need, while praying, my wife laid our problem at Jesus’ feet. She ask Him to bring someone to OUR front door, who would offer to sell our home and someone us to buy it. Wow, God is God! There has not been a lack of real estate agents who wanted to list our house… in tow with a lot of people looking.”

Prayer – Need a Miracle: “Father God, From your mighty hand, I ask for an urgent intervention for my finances! … You are my provider, I ask you in the name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ … Amen”

Chats & Conversations:

Girl Scout cookies are officially on sale as of Saturday. And the second year in a row, the Scouts will sell their cookies online and door-to-door, plus at shopping malls, supermarkets and other locations.
* (To buy cookies online, customers must receive an email from a Scout and pay shipping and handling charges.)
* If you’re wondering where you can buy cookies near you, you can plug your zip code into the Girl Scouts’ website and it will find your cookies right away.
* As usual, You have the option of… Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties (Do-si-dos), shortbread cookies (also known as Trefoils), Caramel DeLites (also called Samoas), Lemonades (celebrating its 10th birthday this year), Toffee-tastic, gluten-free Trios, Savannah Smiles and Rah-Rah Raisins.
* The reasons some cookies have two different names is because there are dueling bakeries making the cookies, and one or the other has patented the name.
*If you order cookies this week (1/18-23/2016), you’ll get them at the end of February.

Really Can They Do That? Britain is debating whether to ban Donald Trump from the country because of his hate speech. Some worry that a ban would make him a martyr. And what if… okay, this is chilling, but we have to consider the possibility that if he were to become the Head Person of the U.S., can they ban the leader of their top ally? (BBC)

01062016 Good Friend Stories


Power Thoughts:
Let your faith be bigger than your fears!

PrayerWorks Stoies:

New Family Member: – I want to thank those who sent prayers to God! My family is doing much better and there is a new edition to the family a bouncing baby boy. Mom and baby are good. All glory goes to God.

Three Frogs: There were once three frogs on a log and one of them made a decision to jump in. How many were left?
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