When You feel Out of Control

When You feel Out of Control

Last week I was worried about Michelle, my wife. She was in Orlando, Florida with Hurricane Erma targeting her and about 800 to a thousand people in the music and Radio Industry.

I know I needed to Trust God with her wellbeing. I found out for the first time in my life, my loved one was out of reach, not safe. I couldn’t help her. She was totally in God hands.

It’s easy to say you’re going to do trust God, but saying it and living it are two different things. At one point, I literally felt helpless.

Have you ever felt like you were in a similar situation? Circumstances dictated where you were and did not allow you to help or be in control.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience, where circumstances made you feel out of control. Call, or go on line at kswp.org/prayer or kswp.org/praise and share you Story and the outcome.

God is always so good to me! As I sought His Word, He filled me with a peace… it passed all human understanding. There was no earthly reason for me to calm down, yet, I did.

He gave me this, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 (NIV)

Michelle flew home safe the next day (Saturday)!

Don’t Write Yourself Out of God’s Story

Don’t Write Yourself Out of God’s Story

Don’t write yourself out of God’s story by thinking that because you can’t do everything, you shouldn’t do anything. The anything you can do is a significant thing in the story God’s writing.

Your anything might be someone else’s everything. ~ Louie Giglio

We Believe God’s Epic Story!

What’s Your Epic God Story?

Share Your God Story Here.

KSWP was a great help to me when I came to East Texas all torn up, messed up and broken in a thousand pieces in June 1989. I was glad to get away from that dry South Texas climate but there was a dry spell in my heart that I had to overcome after my arrival, which I did, all because of what “only God” could do.

I have a story I just have to tell. My husband is self employed and each year I am horrible and procrastinate getting our tax stuff ready for our tax preparer. We had to file an extension again this year and just this week we heard from the preparer. She told us what we owed this year. How were we going to pay it all?
We prayed about it and the Lord to help us. Today I checked the mail and we had a letter from the IRS stating that we had a credit and that it would be applied to our 2015 taxes as soon as they were sent in. It was for 1/2 of the amount that we owe them. I can hardly believe it still. The first thing that popped in my head was, oh wow God “You are so good.” You hear me when I pray. He can work this out with IRS no telling what He will do with our son. Please pray for Him. GoD IS GooD!!!

Where Are You Looking?

There is a story about a man named John, who was out walking one night, and saw another man, Jerry, under a lamp post. Approaching, John asked the Jerry what he was looking for? Jerry, without looking up replied, ”My watch.” John asked, “Well precisely where were you standing when you dropped it?”

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Tell the Truth Always

My mother has a wise saying: “If you don’t lie, you never have to remember what it was that you said. If you have to recount a story or experience, it’ll simply be the truth over and over.”

It’s a simple concept, but more often than not, one we struggle to adhere to. Take the next opportunity you have to stretch the truth, and resist that temptation. Shoot straight. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that results. (thedailyverse.com)

A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies. Proverbs 14:5

Prayer and Praise

We’re on a journey of discovery together to “Connect to a Real & Loving God, Find Hope in Jesus and Serve others by being real.” We believe in Answered Prayers. We all love the Stories of Praise that come from Answer Prayers!
Life is crazy… We’re a broken people, breaking free from life’s bonds to gather & discovery life in Jesus. As we walk together toward God’s purpose we’ll find a successfully life.
On the journey we all need each other so, request Prayer, Pray for others or Give your Story of Praise. Go here!