Around the Watercooler with Good Friends

TV American Idolbannernew3American Idol last night had a few surprises:
Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez dismissed from `Idol’.
Michael Sarver still in!
Did you agree with the judges decisions? (Jasper Newsboy)

7 Time-Saving Tips: When it comes to “savings,” sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money. (

Girls pulling ahead in teen drinking: With spring break a week away, many Texas teens are planning a week of partying with one illegal party favor — alcohol. (Lufkin Daily)

cellphone-restrictedCell phones and Driving Restricted Soon: If you have a cell phone and drive a car then you’re probably guilty of talking on you mobile and driving at the same time, and some say it is a dangerous mix. (KLTV)

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday Our World Observations

Facebook Backlash: Facebook backtracks on terms of use after protests (AP-YahooNews)

Looking for work: 8 technology etiquette tips for job-seekers (AP-YahooNews)

What Happened at the Movies?

Coupon shopping: Tips of the Trade (

  1. When at item is Buy One Get One Free, often two coupons can be used.
  2. If the coupon says “off any size”, its often more profitable to use it on the smallest size.
  3. Remember one store does not have the lowest prices on everything.
  4. Watch for price discrepancies as checkout. Make sure all coupons are deducted.
  5. Try different brands. Eliminating brand loyalty increases savings.
  6. Have fun and be proud of the savings!

TIPS FOR A STRONGER MARRIAGE from Woman’s World magazine.

  • Certain Routines are good. Have a routine. The happiest couples do things like … Continue reading