Toy Fatalities

Which of your child’s toys didn’t even last a week?!?

Do you have any battle scars from cutting/ripping your child’s toys out of the box over the holidays?

One couple reported, “They have a tiny drone stuck in a tree….it made it 3 days before recovered.

A grand papa, “My grandson’s electric “wheelie” car has already lost two wheels and the driver.


When You Want to Run Away

running awayWhen You Want to Run Away

You want to know one of the worst feelings in the world? Feeling stuck.

Stuck in a situation where you can’t see things getting better. Sometimes when you  look at the next 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days and all you can see are the same hard patterns being repeated over and over and over.

You try to give yourself a little pep rally of sorts and tap into that Pollyanna girl that’s inside me somewhere. The part of you that knows the glass is half-full and chooses to see the bright side. But Pollyanna isn’t there.

Life suddenly feels like it will forever be this way. And this dark funk eclipses you.

Sometimes a situation that feels so big and makes you so sad. You feel on that edge of the dark funk thinking this is the way it’s going to be forever.

It is just a season. A season that will come and go. And this would play out that way too.

It’s the rhythm of life.

The ebb and flow of struggles and victories.

Close your eyes and whisper, “Are you here God? Hold me. Breathe courage into my weak will. Help me.”

In that moment you will realize that all God ever wants from you is to want Him. Love Him. Acknowledge Him.

In the midst of struggles. In the midst of victories. “God, I love you. I don’t love this situation. But I love you. Therefore, I have everything I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk through until I get to the other side of this.”

One step at a time. With the full assurance God is okay with you even when you are not okay with you.

The  Scriptures say, “hold fast” to the Lord. The dark funk makes you want to hold slow. If you close your eyes and simply whisper, “God…” at the utterance of His name He “dispossess” things trying to possess you.

Then you can see this is a season. This isn’t how it’s going to be forever. Though your circumstances may not change today, your outlook surely can. And if your mind can rise above, your heart gets unstuck.