Rule 48

This is a list of just a few things that happened to us or our friends this week:
3 rooms of the house were flooded by ice maker filter failure
Battery on car went dead
A family member was unexpectedly hospitalized
A medical test said surgery might be needed
Some family members argued

I’m sure you have “stuff” happening in your life or like us you are praying fro someone else.  The key is HOW you deal with all these wonderful unexpected situations.  It will likely take a lifetime to figure out how to do this most gracefully – but your good friends are here to cheer you on!

Tips for Dealing with Surprises and Unexpected Events:

Acknowledge the fact, and learn to accept that surprises and unexpected events are part of life and are unavoidable.

A positive attitude is an asset in unexpected situations.Not all unexpected events are negative. Sometimes, what seems like a problem, or even a disaster, could be a blessing in disguise.  Make the most of it, instead of thinking about what you lost, thinking about what you could possibly gain.

Learn and practice prayer and quiet time. Even just 10 minutes of quiet time every day can make a great change in your life, making you feel, calm, relaxed, and unperturbed by the events in your life.

Hanging on too Stuff? No Quit Stuff!

img_0929“What are you hanging on too?” and “What are you going to let go of?”
Here’s an idea from Bob Goff author of “Love Does.”

How to let go?
He has a “hole” cut in the bottom of his “Left pocket.” Just place “what you don’t want to keep” and it just slide out onto the ground as you walk.

How to keep things?In your Right pocket, leave it intact. Then, Place what you wish to keep in it.

Quit Stuff: “Every Thursday, I quit something,” Goff says. It’s one of his more infamous habits, one that he follows faithfully—and, often, dramatically. He’s been known to break apartment leases, throw out furniture and quit jobs. “You can quit cussing if you want,” he says, “but go a little higher up on the tree. It can be something really good.”

His most recent Thursday resignation was from the board of a prominent charity. “I called the guy that runs it up and said, ‘I’m out!’ And he said, ‘How come?’ And then he paused and said, ‘No! Thursday!’”

The idea is not to be a liability to charitable organizations (although that might be part of the fallout). It’s to give yourself room to grow and to give God room to work. The patterns of life can weigh down and hold back. Quitting things forces you forward to explore new opportunities, to try things you wouldn’t have time for otherwise and to fill your life with things that are fresh, different and dangerous.

Read more from Bob Goff here.

Overcome & Marriage Strong But


Sharing Hope: God said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the World.” John 16:33

Marriage Strong But
Even though Jesus told us that trials in life are inevitable (John 16:33), we are still surprised by them, mad at them, and, at times, defeated by them. God’s intent for intimacy and friendship in marriage can be severely tested when these trials come because the hard stuff has a way of testing our togetherness.

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Living with Less Clutter

simpleLiving with Less Clutter

We all have that space in our homes that invokes an overwhelming urge to shut the door and never open it again.  It’s that room that every time we look at it, we think what is all this stuff, and where did it come from?

For many of us it is the garage, though for others this might be a different space….perhaps a basement or attic or other storage area.  This is the place where the boxes of stuff we don’t know what else to do with come to die.  The place where Christmas decorations get mixed up with bags of too-small clothing, the bicycle with the broken chain, the random pieces of furniture we’re not using, the boxes of years-old paperwork we have yet to throw away, along with TVs and toys and tools and everything in between.

Is it any wonder that we often just ignore the problem and hope it will go away?

Probably not.. lol… and most likely it can’t be tackled in a day~

Here are some of strategies:

Do something every day.  Set the timer for 30-60 minutes and just try to do as much as you can in that short time frame.  Sometimes it means tackling one box or one corner or one shelf.  Sometimes it means just throwing stuff away.  Over time, just a little each day can make a very big difference.

Define the space.  It helps to have a very clear objective for how you ultimately want to use your space.  Would you like it to be a utility room?  A play area?  A work room?  Just a clean & organized space to park your car?  All of the above?  Creating a clear vision will provide a lot more motivation for making it happen.

Find storage solutions that work.