Teaching Kids About Gratitude

How to teach your kids to be grateful- give them less!

I think most of us agree that this principle is true, but why can’t we bring ourselves to actually do this?

As parents, despite wanting to give our kids everything, one of the greatest gifts we can give is to literally give less, to force decision-making and awareness among all their choices. We need to have more faith in them and let them be challenged. It’s not easy to watch your kids struggle—but in the end, it does breed gratitude. And there is no question that these lessons are most effective if you start early and consistently through every child’s primary occupation: play.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks ( With A Grateful Heart ) – YouTube
Lyrics: Give thanks with a grateful heart / Give thanks to the Holy One / Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Artist: Don Moen
Album: God With Us

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