Feel Like Quitting

When You Feel Like Quitting, Think about Why You Started.!

According to experts many of you have already stopped your New Year’s resolutions. The ones that top the list, weight loss or healthier eating.

While some of you will maintain your resolutions all year long, most of your will take a cease your efforts by the second week of January. About 80 percent of you will stop by mid-February, according to the U.S. News and World Report.

It is considered a failure? If you totally stop, yes! But if you are willing to get up and start again, it’s not. It just a regroup or pause.

Maybe a smaller goal will help and then work yourself up! Do what you can and add a little more over time. Remember your not the Hulk, Samson or Superman.

Start somewhere and reward you efforts. When You Feel Like Quitting, Think about Why You Started.

A Spoken Treasure Spreads Happiness

Each time you think something good, speak it. Never rob someone of the blessings of an unspoken treasure. – Craig Ghoeschel

Words Create Happiness
1. “I’m happy to see you.” – The most basic and attractive sentiment you can express to another human being. The person’s presence creates a positive feeling.
2. “Remember when you…”
Surprise someone by bringing up a positive thing that she did in the past. Generates great feelings.
3. “I believe in you.”
People have self-doubts. You do, I do, we all do. Encourage Someone!
These are three of several more at Time