Reasons To Stop Feeding Your Kids “Kid Food

By of Texas Forest Country Living

According to the National Institutes of Health, on any given day one-third of children and 41 percent of teens eat from a fast-food restaurant. They also report that the restaurant meals often served to kids contain too many calories. The typical “kid food” being offered tends to usually include chicken nuggets, fries, macaroni and cheese, burgers, and pizza. The problem is that these meals often provide empty calories and don’t provide enough nutrition.
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A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

By Megan Whitworth of Texas Forest Country Living
It’s the time of year to roll up your sleeves and do some spring cleaning. Experts point out that it’s helpful to streamline the tools you use to do the job and the tasks you seek to accomplish.

“An all-purpose cleaner and a tough degreasing agent can be used in so many areas of the home,” said Jeff Devlin, a licensed contractor who’s appeared on several home improvement television shows. Devlin’s first tip: look to reduce the number of products in your cleaning arsenal. “Along with high-quality sprays and cloths, I use one all-purpose cleaner that also contains degreasing ingredients.”

Devlin, along with Mean Green and its line of heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaners offer these different strategies for critical areas of your home.

Discover this Year’s Most In-Demand Jobs

By Megan Whitworth of TFCL (Texas Forest Country Living)
If you’re hunting for a new gig, it’s time to discover this year’s hottest jobs. The 2017 Hot Jobs report reveals the most in-demand and emerging jobs across engineering, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology (IT), life sciences, manufacturing and logistics, office and administration, and non-clinical healthcare.

“Experts and many economists, predict a strong economy in 2017. Randstad is offering tips for landing a hot job.
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TFCL Celebrates One Year!


One Year at Texas Forest Country Living

on January 3, 2017 Life, People, Top Stories

Has it been a year already?

I started working for Texas Forest Country Living in October of 2015 as an intern working on an associate’s degree in journalism at Angelina College. I became a paid employee in December of 2015, and I have learned so much since then.

Working at TFCL has given me invaluable experience in the journalistic field, allowed me to meet incredible and interesting people, and taught me more about the depth of the human experience.