Toy Fatalities

Which of your child’s toys didn’t even last a week?!?

Do you have any battle scars from cutting/ripping your child’s toys out of the box over the holidays?

One couple reported, “They have a tiny drone stuck in a tree….it made it 3 days before recovered.

A grand papa, “My grandson’s electric “wheelie” car has already lost two wheels and the driver.


Local Toy Drives This Friday & Saturday

The Lufkin Marine Corps League will conduct a two day toy drive this Friday and Saturday at the Walmart Super Center in Lufkin from sun-up into the evening both days.

We need your help desperately! Applications for toys are up substantially so monetary donations and toys are very much appreciated. Come see us and help put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children this Christmas!

Angelina Co. Drop off Locations

Nacogdoches Co. Drop off Locations

Trinity Co. Drop off Locations

Challenge is Opportunity, Favorite Toy, Prayer Focus, Love is in the Air

Power Thoughts
1. “Life is challenging. The upside – with every challenge there is great opportunity.”
2. “If your life is headed in an undesirable direction, this is the day you can change it. Start today to live your dreams!”
3. “The future is as bright and beautiful as you decide to see it. See it, live it, and make it awesome.”

The Good Friends Question of the Day:  What was your best toy growing up? The one you slept with every night and you couldn’t be without. Do you still have it? Please Like Comment & Share! – or call 1-800-944-8443!
Today’s Prayer Focus:
* Today’s Press conference for the Community Impact Awards of East Texas
* New donors to say “yes” to giving

Love is in the Air: 5 ways to say I love you in 30 seconds or less.

  • Follow Up”: When your mate tells you about something that’s going to happen that day, whether it’s a meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or taking your son or daughter to a soccer game, always make it a top priority to ask your mate, “How did it go?”  By following up you are  saying, you matter to me and I love you.
  • Focused” Talk: If you and your mate are away from each other during the day and you are busy but have access to e-mail or text messaging, take 30 seconds to send a romantic note saying, “Just thinking about you,”  “How’s your day going?” or “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
  • “Pitch-in” Connectors: Volunteering to help your mate with tasks (like those in the kitchen or child care) even when you are busy, tired or overwhelmed yourself is another powerful way to say, “I love you.  You are special to me and I care about you.”
  • “Face-to-Face” Expressions: As love becomes a permanent fixture we often take it for granted. Routinely say hello and goodbye to each other and engage in one sentence face-to-face expressions of love such as “I love our life together,” “You’re a great mother/father,” or “Your were so kind to do that for me.”
  • ”Touch and Go” Contact: When you and your mate arrive home how much time passes before you touch each other or offer a quick hug or kiss?  When you and your mate are together, whether you are watching TV, emptying the dishwasher or reading, take 30 seconds to reach out to each other.  This quick touch says, “I see you.  I hear you.  I love you.”

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Your Life and Water Cooler Conversations

Q: When it comes to those of us who want a tech gift this Christmas; this is the number one choice of consumers. What is it?
A: [Hold Your Mouse Here To See The Answer]

Man Who Lost Family To Jet Crash Prays “Please pray for him not to suffer from this accident.” (CNN)

FLYING THE COOP New research shows that an empty nest can help mom and dad’s marriage. (USA Today)

YOU SAY SO? More than half of American adults play video games and one in five play just about every day. (Pew Research)

THE TOP TOY So which tech toy was America’s favorite in 2008? (USA Today)

IT WILL NEVER END Now the world’s timekeepers are making it even longer by adding a leap second to the last day of the year.

2009: Gas Below A Buck? Gasoline prices could drop as low as $1 a gallon by early next year. (FOX NEWS)

Study: U.S. Students’ Scores Up In Math, Science “Certainly, our results do not show the United States trailing the developed world by any stretch of the imagination.” (The Associated Press)

L.A. Critics Name ‘Wall-E’ Best Picture See what other movies won awards. (Variety)

Oprah Winfrey: I Weigh 200 Pounds “I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight.” (The Associated Press)