A tree at the beginning and a tree at the end

I ran across a blog written by Greg Laurie about how Christmas begins and ends with a tree.  It was a very moving message about how CHRISTmas began with Jesus’ family tree and ended with his death on a tree a series of events that changed my life and has the power to change yours.  I hope you will give this a read and pass it along ~Michelle

It’s interesting to note that the Christmas story does not begin with the words “once upon a time” as so many fairytales do. It starts with a series of “begots”—so-and-so begot so-and-so. That is because the Christmas story is a factual, historical event. It still has all the pathos and magic and pageantry of the best fairytales, yet this is a real story. All other stories we’ve heard are, at best, pale imitations of the greatest story ever told. The story of the birth of Jesus started in heaven and unfolded on Earth.

That is why red is the color of Christmas—not because Santa wore red or because we wrap our presents in red paper or attach red bows to holly wreaths or put red bulbs on our trees. Red is the color of Christmas because it is the color of the blood that was shed from the cross for each and every one of us. Jesus died for the sins of the world so he could make available to us the greatest of all gifts. READ MORE

Toy Fatalities

Which of your child’s toys didn’t even last a week?!?

Do you have any battle scars from cutting/ripping your child’s toys out of the box over the holidays?

One couple reported, “They have a tiny drone stuck in a tree….it made it 3 days before recovered.

A grand papa, “My grandson’s electric “wheelie” car has already lost two wheels and the driver.


Unexpected Places to Hide Your Keys

img_0880It’s always a good idea to have a spare key for your home. Not to mention, it can save you a costly locksmith bill. It takes just a small amount of creativity and time to come up with a few good hiding places for spare keys around your home. Below are seven unusual places you can use for hiding your spare key. (CNET)

  • The fake rock hide-a-key may be played out, but a fake sprinkler isn’t quite as obvious. But instead of watering your lawn, this is just a container that hold your keys.
  • It’s not difficult to find a place inside vinyl siding to hide a key. Alternatively, you can attach a paper clip or short piece of string to the key and slide it in one of the seams.
  • Nailing a spare key to a tree probably sounds strange. But, most people wouldn’t think to check the trees for a key. Pick a tree far from your house.
  • For extra security, apply any of the above methods and store your spare key at your neighbor’s house — that is, if you trust your neighbors.
  • Magnetic hide-a-keys are fairly common and the key isn’t at home. It’s just wise to secure the lid with tape so your key doesn’t fly out while cruising down the highway.
  • A similar, yet more secure option is a hitch receiver lock box. Obviously, it only works if your car has a hitch receiver, but it’s significantly more secure as it locks the contents behind a four-digit combination.

Go to CNET for more…

Small Beginnings – Happy Birthday

Today is a celebration of KSWP going on the air. (Although it began as an organization 2 years earlier in 1983.)

Then Jesus told the people another story: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed. A person plants that seed in his field. That seed is one of the smallest of all seeds. But when the seed grows, it is one of the largest garden plants. It becomes a tree, big enough for the birds to come and make nests in its branches.” Matthew 13:31-32

Encouraging Word & Power Thoughts

Encouraging Word

We like to imagine that peace is a delicate thing, which we must lock up within ourselves, and protect, and hide in the depths of our hearts, so that it may not be lost or be evaporated. But in the Scriptures peace is spoken of in an utterly different way.  There it is said that God’s peace is a mighty power, which of itself can keep our hearts and our thoughts. God’s peace is a mighty fortress, in which we are well defended and safe against all hostile powers of destruction.  It is not we who are to protect peace, but rather it is peace which is to protect us. Anders Nygren

Power Thoughts

  1. If you are a stranger to prayer, you are a stranger to the greatest source of power known to human beings. BILLY SUNDAY
  2. The weakest spot in every man is where he thinks himself to be the wisest. NATHANIEL EMMONS
  3. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. CHINESE PROVERB