Need a Reason to Celebrate Today… Here are some fun reasons

Need a Reason to Celebrate Today… Here are some fun reasons

Truck Driver Day…  It’s Truck Driver Day. Honk the horn, and hit the roadways. If you don’t drive a truck, you can simply wave to truckers who pass you on the pavement. Who knows? Maybe a friendly truck driver will wave back or even blow his or her horn on August 12th.

Vinyl Records Day… Spin that hot wax. It’s Vinyl Records Day on August 12th. Do you love LPs? This mid-August occasion is a prime opportunity to dust off those discs and crank up the oldies. Do you have a vintage record collection? Why not fire up the old record player on August 12th for an old-fashioned dance party to celebrate Vinyl Records Day?

Middle Child’s Day… gives a little well deserved recognition to the wonderful and special middle child in the family.  For parents of three children, you likely know the “Middle Child Syndrome” all too well. If you grew up the middle child with both older and younger siblings, you know the feeling a from a very personal perspective. Go out and enjoy this day to the fullest. Tell the world about it. Be a little outspoken, and let the world know how great it is to be the middle child. You truly are a wonderful, talented, ad special person!