Weather Warning False Alarm

KTRE News reports, National Weather Service says emergency warning was false alarm
Whitney Mayfield KTRE
Dec 6, 2017 11:55 AM
EAST TEXAS (KTRE) – National Weather Service:

The routine Wednesday morning NOAA Weather Radio Test inadvertently transmitted as a Radiological Hazard Warning this morning.

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KTRE Reports on “Superfan and Son”

KTRE Reports on “Superfan and Son”

I couldn’t pass on this story From KTRE…

Lufkin All-Star superfan and son overcome odds to attend LLWS
By Jeff Awtrey, Assignments Editor

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) – A Lufkin man and his son have each made it to the Little League World Series as spectators, but each have competed to get there in life and overcome the odds.

In 2008, Brent Slaton and his wife witnessed the birth of their son, Mack. Mack was born at 29 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy and weighed less than three pounds.

In 2014, Slaton learned he had contracted scleroderma, an extremely rare autoimmune disease which affects the body’s stem and organs.

In prior cases like these, there are times where neither father nor son would be alive today. But each is very much alive and living it up right now in Williamsport.

Slaton serves on the Lufkin Little League board and his son is friends with players on the team.

“When we went to the state game in Houston and we realized how we stacked up, we knew we had a chance to go to Williamsport,” Slaton said. “My son was very pumped and said, ‘if they win, we’re going.’ And I said ‘ok.'”

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Shopping Tips for This Weekend

img_0886November is an especially good month for deals with Veteran’s Day promotions the weekend of November 11. According to our analysts, this is a good month to consider items such as dishware, baby products and mattresses.

1. TV – Plasma TVs have gone the way of the VCR, and most new models are LED LCD sets, so that helps streamline your decision-making process. Here’s what to look for:

  • Think about screen size. For your living room or family room, figure on a 50- to 60-inch screen, or even bigger. For a bedroom or kitchen, 24 to 32 inches should be plenty..

2. Tablets – Lower-priced tablets have improved a lot. Our buying guide can help you choose. Two important tips to consider:

  • Portability. Do you plan to take the tablet with you or mostly use it at home? Tablets that are 8 inches or smaller are usually very thin, weigh less than a pound, and may offer 15 hours of battery life or more. Larger tablets are heavier; they also cost more.
  • For children. If you have kids, you may want to consider a tablet made just for them. These models come with extra parental controls such as website blocking features and app approval.

3. Gaming Consoles – Once you decide on the gaming system you want, you’re locked in to that brand for both the console and the games since games aren’t cross compatible with other systems.

  • Buy last year’s model. Kids may clamor for the latest system, but you can save money by purchasing the outgoing model.
  • Look for holiday bundles. One way to save is to look for special holiday promotional bundles.

4. Headphones Over-the-ear headphones from Beats and Bose might be the most recognizable models, but our tests show that you don’t have to spend a lot on a big brand name to get quality sound.

  • Consider comfort. Ear buds can be uncomfortable, and some people don’t like wearing headphones over their heads.
  • Pay attention to policies. If you’re buying headphones as a gift for someone else, be sure to check return policies and ask for a gift receipt. Headphones can be a very a personal choice.

5. Coffee Makers – A basic coffee maker will brew you a decent cup of coffee. Don’t assume that a higher price tag will mean higher quality. You will pay more for extra features, though.

6. Refrigerators – Pay attention to Energy Star ratings, don’t overlook this, even if a sale tempts you.

Also look for deals on other major appliances including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops and wall ovens, freezers, and built-in microwaves.

8 Common Air Conditioner Problems

imageHere are some reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it used to.
Trouble Shooting Ideas on the hottest days when you notice your air conditioner is struggling.

  • Your filter is dirty.
  • Warm air is leaking in.
  • TV is too close to the AC.
  • Registers are dirty or blocked.
  • Thermostat is on the wrong setting.
  • It’s too sunny inside.
  • Plants are crowding the compressor.
  • You forgot an annual checkup.

Poor maintenance can result in an air conditioner that performs poorly, go to Consumer Reports for more.

Old TV Cabinet into Play Kitchen

How To Turn An Old TV Cabinet Into A Stunning Play Kitchen By Emerald Pellot

Tara’s young son loves helping out in the kitchen, playing chef, and helping her bake cookies. That is when Tara came up with a brilliant way to repurpose the family’s old TV cabinet. Instead of tossing the vintage piece of furniture away, she decided to convert it into a play kitchen. Each compartment is the space perfect to create a faux kitchen appliance.

Tara turns the side shelf into a mock fridge, the middle shelf into a play stove, and two bottom compartments into an oven and a dishwasher. With a few simple modifications and coats of paint, the project is even cooler than something you would buy at the store. Using nothing but a sticky kitchen tile and four old CDs, Tara creates four pretty convincing stove burners. With nothing but a cardboard box, she makes her little one a microwave. The project shows that little bits and bobs around the house can really be transformed into anything!

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive toys. Children have wild enough imaginations and can get a lot of playtime out of a simple classic creation like this one. If Tara’s son has as big of an imagination as she did when creating this, he is definitely going to have a blast with his very own play kitchen!

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03092016 Good Friends Morning Conversation


Power Thoughts

  • “Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.”


prayerworks2Safe Travel: Please pray for our son and his friends as they travel to Galveston. It’s rainy and the roads are bad I know. Also for wise choices to be made while there.

Thank you:Thanks for all you do!! I am thankful for your service!

Forgiveness: You have probably heard the saying “forgive and forget.”

Forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it is something that you do by faith.  Communicating your thoughts and feelings in a positive way can provide a means for understanding, healing and forgiveness.
“When you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” ~ Mark 11:25

Wanna hear something that is funny? Not! Clean Fuel Actually May Be Worse For Climate: A study done by the University of British Columbia showed that compressed natural gas could actually send out more emissions than regular gas. (Science Daily)

Facebook Question: What do you do when you are at home sick?
15 Things to do When You’re Sick at Home With A Sinus Infection or whatever…

  1. drink something
  2. see how long you can hold your breath
  3. see if you can beat that record of holding your breath
  4. read
  5. send thousands of texts to your friends
  6. blame everything you do on your medicine and claim you have no memory of whatever you did whatsoever.
  7. draw (well, that wasn’t a good idea)
  8. become a caveman/cavewoman
  9. play chess with yourself or on your ipad
  10. fall asleep while playing a game of chess
  11. watch every episode of the law and order again
  12. type with your eyes closed
  13. go around the house acting clumsy and stupid and then lay down on the ground
  14. stand up and claim you were sleepwalking
  15. call a lab and ask for your rat back