He’s Getting More Than His Shirt Printed

Ryan Wilusz, Knoxville News Sentinel
The boy who made national headlines after being bullied by schoolmates over his clothing choice on “College Colors Day” — an orange shirt with an attached piece of paper featuring his hand-drawn UT design. He’s getting more…
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University makes Elementary School T-Shirt Design Official Apparal

Credit: University of Tennessee, @UTVolShop/Twitter

(FOX NEWS) – University of Tennessee turns elementary school student’s T-shirt design into official apparel. The young University of Tennessee fan that was bullied last week for a homemade shirt he wore to his school’s collegiate day was shown an outpouring of support that has since inspired the university to make his design into an official piece of apparel.

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I is Gradjiated … Now What?


I is Gradjiated. Now What?: Life after High School graduation on to college, trade school or into life. Scary, Exciting, combo or “4-6 more years! And the reaction is so varied because… Just out of high School, Trade School, College or Post Graduate school, all have different directions!
Overwhelming thoughts for some, while others are headed in the direction they’ve been on and determine to tame the world! Running through my head on the day I walked across the stage! As I said good- bye to my friends and teachers, I felt excited and yet terrified about closing the chapter and opening a new chapter in the real world. I felt a little like I was caught between this world and tomorrow!
The Road ahead seemed exciting and scary! How could I have all of this varied feeling rolled into one when they were all at extreme opposite ends of the spectrum! There were no feelings of great elation or relief among the many hugs and cheers. Instead, there was a feeling of total panic and paralyzing fear of the unknown. Yet, and excited that transcended the present time in space of an exciting tomorrow!
Picture a frozen smile on the outside melting into panic on the inside. Of course I was happy to be done with school, but I was in an unexpected state of shock. Every hug and congratulations on my graduation was complete with the question “What’s next?” The ink wasn’t even dry on my diploma!
I know life is riddled with tough questions whose answers we don’t always know off the top of our heads. And the reality is, we will face these kinds of questions for most of our lives.

Prayer for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Holy God, in Acts 4:32 it tells of how all the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. We pray that your Holy Spirit will fall on our schools and cause Bible studies, youth fellowships and prayer groups to spring up and sustain your presence. Let believers in our schools share the hope they have, and help them to create groups you can work through to accomplish your divine purpose. Thank you God, we praise your holy name in this, Amen.