Nick Foles to become a pastor

Nick Foles plans to become a pastor after football By Rob Maaddi, Ap Pro Football Writer

Nick Foles has a calling far greater than throwing touchdown passes.

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Victim into Victory, TriCentennial Celebration

Your Encouraging Word: Only God can turn…

  • A Mess into a Message.
  • A Test into a Testimony.
  • A Trial into a Triumph.
  • A Victim into a Victory.

NacTriCentLogoBlueColorTexas Blueberry Festival

Three hundred years of history come to life at the Texas Blueberry Festival Friday Night & Saturday, June 10th & 11th.

“Tricentennial Flashbacks” features stories from 300 years of Nacogdoches history on stage in the air-conditioned lobby of Commercial Bank of Texas. See show at 10 a.m. and noon.

Tori Bean as Annie Watkins Millard, 1897image
Dr. Linda Bond as Karle Wilson Baker, 1923
Tony Jasso as Father Margil, 1716

Fight on Your Knees and Win

fight battles

Perhaps you’re facing a battle today and you need your heart settled also. Maybe someone has come against you, maybe Satan is attacking your self-esteem. He might be telling some of you that there is not hope, or that you’ll never make it through whatever obstacle your facing right now.

No matter what the battle field looks like before you, no matter from what direction the attack is coming, there is a battle plan that will not fail. Jehosephat knew that plan. Here is what he did – and what you should do also no matter what or whom you face: (2 Chronicles 20)

  • He sought the Lord (vs. 3-4) – and taught his followers to do the same.
  • He praised God for who he was, for his strength, and remembered the works of the past (vs.6-7).
  • He knew and claimed the promises of God’s protection for his chosen ones (vs. 8-11).
  • He turned his eyes to God and waited on his directions (vs. 12-13).
  • He received God’s instruction, and worshiped God when he received it (vs. 14-18). He did not wait to worship until the battle was won, but worship God even before it fully started.
  • He followed God’s instruction and he went into battle worshiping and praising God (vs. 19-23).
  • He experienced victory in the battle without fighting because he did what God told him to do which was simple stand – and God fought and won the battle for him! (vs. 22-27).
  • He praised and worshiped God for the victory and told everyone how God gave him victory. (vs. 27-30).

If you are a fighting a battle this day, please rest in the knowledge that you already have victory. You may not see it yet, the battle might rage on for a while, but victory is already yours. You need only to fall to your knees, put on your armor, and then stand and let God fight for you.