Volunteering Lessens Depression & Extends Life

A warm glow and sense of connection aren’t all you get from volunteering: It can improve your mental health and help you live longer too. A leading researcher explains why.

Most of us know that if we eat our fruit and veggies, exercise often, and avoid smoking, we have a better chance of living longer and healthier lives. But your doctor may not have told you there’s a link between volunteering and health. Published recently in BMC Public Health, the paper finds that volunteering is associated with lower depression, increased well-being, and a 22 percent reduction in the risk of dying.

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Red Cross’ longest-serving volunteer

img_1335Writer Lauren Weber, The Morning Email Editor, The Huffington Post reporter

This Great-Grandmother Has Volunteered For 73 Years and Doesn’t Plan To Stop Anytime Soon. Mary Bochanis, 92, is the Red Cross’ longest-serving volunteer, but she still makes it home to catch her soaps.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, you can find Mary Bochanis volunteering ― a service she’s been performing for the last 73 years.

The sprightly 92-year-old great-grandmother is the
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Can You Help

If you would like to help…CASA in the Pines need volunteers. “If you help the least of these…” Matthew 25:45

Your heart goes out to a child who is hurting! These children need lots of Grace, Mercy and Help! Would you consider being a CASA Volunteer. Phone: (936) 634-6725. Ask for Natalie Shocklee Thornton.