No Matter Your Situation

No Matter Your Situation You Not Walking Alone.

You are not alone. You do not walk this life by yourself. You are not meant to fight battles alone or to always count on your own strength.

Remember even lifting your head from the pillow is an accomplishment.

Break Bad Habits, Bad Relationships

break bad do goodWhat bad relationship do you have that needs a break-up? If you think about it there is probably at least 1 thing in your life that is like a bad relationship.
Some signs you are in a bad relationship include: It makes you feel bad about yourself, you find yourself compromising, it keeps you from your family and is extremely possessive of your time.
Is it food? A relationship? A bad habit?
Whatever it is here are some good ideas for a break-up:

Keep the big picture in mind – List your dreams and goals for the future and figure out how your bad habits are “costing you” in achieving those dreams. In my experience, bad habits often come at a price of time, money, and health (but there are other factors, too).

Replace bad habits with good habits – Rather than trying to break a bad habit and just stop altogether, try replacing the bad habit with a different (positive) habit. Instead of going outside for a smoke, take a walk. If you go for a walk every time you want to go for a smoke, you replace your bad smoking habit with your good exercise habit.

Try not stopping altogether – Pick a time-frame as a challenge to go without doing the habit. For example: “I won’t eat junk food for a month” or “I won’t watch TV for 3 weeks. Depending on the hold that the habit has on your life, you might need to choose an even shorter timeframe, like a week or even a day: “I won’t smoke for 24 hours”, for example. Or, “I won’t say negative things about myself for 1 week”.

Don’t try to do too much at once. – Pick one habit and attack it. Put your full focus into breaking free from it. Once you completely overcome it (which might be a few days or even a few months down the road), move on to the next habit.

Find something that inspires you and make it your mantra – Each time you try to correct a bad habit, you will encounter a difficult point. Surpassing that point is the hardest part and it’s the time when most habit-breaking attempts fail.
Figure out something that inspires you — it could be a picture of your loved ones or it could be a motivational saying. When I was trying to break a procrastination habit, I kept reminding myself “Everything I want is on the other side of hard work”… and it was inspiring enough for me to push through.