Weather Warning False Alarm

KTRE News reports, National Weather Service says emergency warning was false alarm
Whitney Mayfield KTRE
Dec 6, 2017 11:55 AM
EAST TEXAS (KTRE) – National Weather Service:

The routine Wednesday morning NOAA Weather Radio Test inadvertently transmitted as a Radiological Hazard Warning this morning.

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Hurricane Harvey “Grave Risk”

Go to this Link for the current Hurricane Harvey Coordinates.

Headlines at Fox News says, “Hurricane Harvey called ‘grave risk’ ahead of landfall in Texas”

The National Hurricane Center says, the Public should consider Hurricane Harvey “life-threatening and a grave risk.”

The head of the National Weather Service said Harvey is a “grave risk to the folks of Texas.”

Meteorologist say, ‘The “rapidly intensifying” storm, now forecast to become a Category 3 storm before it makes landfall on the Texas coast.”

Fox News’ Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Thursday. “Texas hasn’t had a hurricane make landfall since 2008, and the fact that this storm is expected to slow down and potentially bring epic floods to the coast from Louisiana to Texas is just dire.”

Tips to Protect Home from Cold

img_0827With the freezing weather coming here are some quick tips to protect your home.

1. Disconnect water hoses outside.

2. Use an insulating dome or other covering on outdoor faucets and spigots. This step will reduce the likelihood of the water in the pipes freezing, expanding and rupturing.

3. Open cabinet doors so your home’s heat can pass to the pipes.

4. Let your faucets drip in a steady stream to reduce the buildup of pressure in the pipes. If the pipes freeze, the release of pressure reduces the likelihood of a rupture.

5. Watch the weather forecasts — if you’re going out of town during a freeze, turn off the water to your home and open all of the taps to drain the water system. This way, there’s no chance you’ll return to a frozen, soggy mess inside your home.

Weather, A Drought Really? YES.

From KTRE Weather and Brad Hlozek
First Alert Burn Ban Update: Just got word that Shelby county has enacted a burn ban until further notice. At this time, it is the only county in Deep East Texas under a burn ban.

The drought continues to expand across East Texas due to the lack of rainfall combined with the warmer than normal temperatures we have seen so far this fall.

Notice how eastern Nacogdoches and Angelina counties are now in the moderate D1 drought.

With no significant rainfall in sight, it will probably get worse in the week’s ahead.