Winds of Change

Sometimes in the Winds of Change, we find our greatest direction. TobyMac

When the winds of change begun begin to blow.

You may find forces that have the power to change things in your life.

It generally means change is going to happen, no matter what.


Tropical Storm Harvey Forecast

Tropical Storm Harvey Forecast

Thursday, August 24th through Tuesday, August 29th

Thunderstorms will continue to shift well south of I-20 for
Thursday, but begin to lift back northward on Friday.

Meanwhile, Tropical Depression Harvey will continue to strengthen and make landfall along the Texas Coastal Bend by Friday night. Harvey is modeled to move northeastward into East Texas and South Louisiana this weekend into next week.

At this time, rainfall amounts of six to ten inches are expected across portions of Deep East Texas and adjacent Central Louisiana, with isolated higher amounts possible. Lesser amounts are expected further north in our area.

If these rainfall amounts pan out, flash flooding as well as river flooding will be likely. However, uncertainty is high with this forecast, and adjustments to rainfall amounts and timing are likely over the next few days.

Sahara Desert Dust Brings Haze to Texas

Sahara Desert Dust Brings Haze to Texas

By Tim Heller – Texas (KTRK) [Check out Video Below]
The sky over the Texas may be hazy this weekend. Dust from the Sahara Desert in north Africa is blowing this direction, carried by winds in the upper atmosphere.

A fresh plume of dust will create a milky, hazy sky during the day. Some of the dust could settle into the lower atmosphere.

People who have respiratory issues and are sensitive to dust might want to avoid spending prolonged periods of time outdoors this weekend until the plume of dust clears out on Monday.

There is a benefit to the dry, dusty air — it keeps hurricanes from developing!