The Chore You Hate Most

What’s the one hate choreschore you just despise?

J.R. writes… There’s nothing that will set my wife off quicker than coming home from work to a mountain range of dishes piled up in the sink. She despises washing sippy cups and dried out Tupperware cause it is tedious. Honestly I don’t mind hand washing dishes.  For me it’s bathing my toddlers cause they ALWAYS get me soaked!

Kingdom Husband Part 2

Kingdom Husband Part 2 (Dr. Tony Evans)

  1. You cannot be a savior without carrying a cross… Jesus is the example of how a husband should love his wife even unto death.
  2.  Jacob worked 14 years to earn Rachel hand in marriage – he had to prove it – work for up – demonstrate it.  Your wife will respond to your demonstrations more than your words.
  3. Sometimes in baseball sometimes the batter wants to hit a home run but the 3rd base coach says he has to bunt – he has to sacrifice his desires to his authority to advance the good of another
  4. Jesus is a full time savior – He expects you to love your wife full-time
  5. When you are dating there are a lot of times that the woman is not sure of the man but he kicks it into high gear and swoons her – she is then responds that is how she is programmed to respond – treat your wife as good as you did when you were dating and she will respond like she did when you were dating

Reflection of Your View

Ephesians5_25-27There once was a farmer tending his fields. As he worked near a road, a family drove by and stopped for directions.

After getting what they needed, they asked, “What the town was like?” He thought for a second and then asked, “What was the town like that you just came from? The couple answered, “It was a very difficult place to live because of the people.” The farmer then replied, “This town will be no different.”

In a little while, another family came along. The also ask for directions and about the town. Again the farmer ask, “What was their previous town like?” The family answered, “It was great…everyone was nice, helpful and resourceful.” Again the farmer replied, “The town is just like that. Have a good day.”

How you view life and the things around most often are a simple reflection of your own view of life and the things around you.
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